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Nursery Closure

Fordingbridge Day Nursery have made the very difficult decision to close during the Coronavirus.

As you are all aware on Friday 20th March all schools and nurseries were advised to close by the Government.  At the time we were aware that many of our Parent/Carers were employed as Key Workers and required to help support the NHS and other roles which were deemed as important to the smooth running of the country.

By merging our two nurseries we were able to provide child care for these families, and at the time the number of parent/carers wishing to continue with childcare was high.  We have however found that more of of our families have made the decision to keep their children at home and we now only have a small group of children attending.

Our intention was to support our parents throughout this time, however along with the drop in numbers of children attending and our own staff having to self-isolate we were finding it increasingly difficult to provide this service, it is with regret that now have to make the difficult decision to close the nurseries until the Government advise that the country can return to normal.

We will continue to keep our families updated via email, tapestry and the website.  We would like to thank you everyone for their support.  We send our best wishes to stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all in the not too distant future.

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