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What’s New?

It’s Hot Hot Hot!

We enjoyed keeping cool in Kingfishers this morning.


The Ducks have been living on the farm for a few weeks now and have grown so much. They came to visit the children and have a splash and play.


Fordingbridge Day Nursery have been incubating Indian Runner Ducks.

The eggs incubated for 21 days before hatching

Once they started to Hatch, they had to stay in the incubator for a couple more days as this helped the others to start breaking out of their shells.

Once they had all Hatched, they were moved into a nice big play pen.

All the Ducks loved having space to run around in and be together with their Brothers and Sisters.

After 1 week, they have had their first “bath”. 

They loved splashing around and chirping with joy!


World Book Day 2022

Valentines Day

All the children have had a lovely time creating art work and their own sensory messy play area with natural items.

We hope you have told all your loved ones just how you feel!




Environment Health Surprised Fordingbridge Day Nursery with a visit.

We are very proud to have received another 5.



Natural Resources

At Fordingbridge Day Nursery, we LOVE to use Natural Resources for the children to learn with.

Counting, Playing, Role Play




Fire Safety Week

3rd – 9th October 2021

Fordingbridge Fire Fighters came to the Nursery for Fire Safety Week.
All the Children were very excited to be able to sit in the Fire Engine and learn about the equipment in the Truck.

























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